Pulled Feather Vase, Don Carlson

Drawing upon earlier glass traditions spawned by Tiffany, Quezal, and others, Don Carlson glass works produced this pulled feather baluster shaped vase in 1984. The iridescent butterscotch feathers overlay a pale yellow ground, with flashes of pink or raspberry visible depending upon light and parallax. The mouth of the vase is finished with butterscotch ground. In all respects, this lovely vase mimics the best of the early 20th century art glass tradition. The underside is inscribed Richardson for Don Richardson who blew the vase. There is also a year (84) and model number etched. Excellent condition.

Don Carlson was among the first glass artists to open a private independent studio in 1967. His works are represented in the collections of the Smithsonian, Metropolitan Museum of Art, Corning Glass Museum, as well as collections world wide

Height 3 1/4"

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