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About eTiqueMarket

Welcome to eTiqueMarket, your destination for serendipity in eTiques - antiques, art, collectibles, jewelry, books, and more. You will find a full assortment of the normal to the occasional outrageous with plenty of stops in between.

Located in Georgia, USA, we operate a diverse marketplace where collectors, dealers, and allied professionals converge to conduct business and trade information. Our primary focus is offering customers a good selection of quality collectibles while providing outlets for providing and obtaining help with collecting. And by all means we offer a platform for collectors to show off their collections.

eTiqueMarket focuses on antiques and well recognized categories sought by collectors. Our's is not a place to find new goods or reproductions, unless it is reference books or aids used to maintain and display collections. We see antiques as a way to preserve the past and honor those who owned them prior to us, and then in turn to repeat the virtuous cycle.

Please take a look around - there is a lot to see. In addition to fine merchandise, you may find an article of interest in The Saturday eTique Post; a quick visit to the our forum, eTique Talk, to get answers to questions about your treasures; or a gander at our classifieds to find a new one.

If you want to advertise an event, we have a grand calendar on which to post it. Are you a dealer wanting a great place to setup shop, please send us a support request, and we will be happy to tell you about our offerings such as your own online store, directory placement, advertising, search engine indexing, and more.

Take some time to get to know us - we are your eTique marketplace.