Kenton Overland Circus Band Wagon

One of Kenton's marquee product lines was its Overland Circus which featured numerous horse drawn vehicles of which we have perhaps the most coveted, the Overland Circus Band Wagon. It is drawn by two gilded white horses with red painted gold capped drivers leading a large red wagon with harps and lion heads, all loaded with 8 intrument playing men, and led by a master driver. The arms on the band members are articulated allowing modest movement. This cast iron toy is a glorious relic from the fabled Kenton Toy manufacturer, and stamped Made In America, a long lost mark on goods purchased these days.

This toy has been in the hands of owner since the early 1950s and is in very good condition, rating about C5.5 as it lacks evidence of heavy use. There is paint loss on the wheels, horses, gilding, and some faces. There is also a black blemish in the right rear of the wagon. But in general it is a very handsome display.

Dimension: 15 1/2" l

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