Pickard Hand Painted Porcelain Pitcher

As crisp and vivid as it was when new 120 years ago, this porcelain pitcher shows off the splendors of Pickard China Co, an American based manufacturer of the best porcelain. While it often used Limoges blanks in its formative years, this one is unmarked and may produced domestically. In any event, Pickard employed the best artists and enamellers as this example atests.

The artist, Joesph Beitler, worked for Pickard until around 1907 after which he established his own studio is Chicago, which also may explain the unmarked underside. All of that is a minor detail to the brilliant use of color and Art Nouveau influences he used to paint this masterpiece showing luscious cherries surrounded by their leaves. One could never forget that he (or she) was living in the gilded age with rich and generous gilding enveloping the pitcher and its artistry.

Condition is practically mint though one might identify an occasional production flaw here and there.

Given all of the forgoing considerations, we date this unmarked pitcher to c. 1900 and to Pickard due to much other Pickard output having similar designs.

You wil not regret owning this pitcher - it will provide pleasure day after day.

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