Chinese Export Porcelain Blue and White Tea Caddy with Cover

Although it is smaller than other examples of this genre, this tea caddy packs a big punch with its gorgeous blue and white hand painted Chinese scenery. It depicts both natural scenery as well as different structures such as home and pagoda. The rim of the shoulder is accented with pale gold enamel.

The cannister is constructed of two halves fused together. The painting is naïve, covering the caddy in the round.

Condition is excellent with no cracks, chips, or fractures. The original lid is missing, replaced with a vermeil knopped top. The gold wash or plating covers a sterling base and is hallmarked. The picture does not show the crescent moon, but with the crown suggests that it might be German in origin. Please note that the gold plating has worn away in an uneven circle on the top surface. However, displaying it without the lid is how we assume that many collectors would do it. Either way will look fine.

4 1/2" h without cover

We date the caddy to about 1760/70 or so. It is most charming and appealing.

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