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The Saturday eTique Post

The Saturday eTique Post is a free weekly publication of eTiqueMarket containing commentary, history and advice for collectors, published each Sunday at midnight to avoid interference with your Saturday evening frivolities. Erudite and ambitious writers wishing to contribute to the general wealth of knowledge of the public should inquire within.

eTique Collector: Lalique Signatures

Just because it says Lalique does not mean that it is Lalique

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Lalique signatures are often used to help date a piece of his glass, with the R and R. being signals of pre 1945 productions. This is simply not the case, at least not to the point of being infallible. We offer some examples from Christopher Percy to illustrate our point.

Hummels Are Still Dead – Redux

The Rumors of Hummels' Deaths May Be Greatly Exaggerated

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We revisit our article, Hummels Are Still Dead, published 5 years, sounding the dirge of the collapse of the Hummel collector phenomenon. Were we premature, off-base, or flat out wrong?

Hummels Are Still Dead

The rise and fall of Hummel collectormania

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Hummel prices are often well below their initial purchase prices. We take a glimpse at what has occurred in this once frothy market.

Collector Caveats for Currier and Ives Prints

Knowing When to Break the Rules

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Currier and Ives prints have well established guidelines for collectors - especially for those starting. But there are times when the rules are made to be broken so to speak. We examine a few edge cases in this article.

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