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Juliana Original was a line of jewelry produced by the New York City firm of  DeLizza and Elster founded in 1947. Though it had a short run of two years in the late 1960s, it created such a reputation for the firm that the whole of DeLizaa & Elster's production is frequently referred to as Juliana. And who can blame them - Juliana is far more mellifluous than the company's name.

Since other makes and brands outsourced their jewelry to D&E, it is very possible to find Juliana jewelry with other labels, yet it is the very same quality as D&E products.

The company maintains a reputation as one makers of the most glamorous and well constructed jewelry in the business during its run up until circa 1990.

Though its jewelry is rarely or never directly marked, its construction is readily identified by the trained eye. Books and online articles abound assisting collectors identifying this marque name in costume jewelry.