Consider eTiqueMarket Classified Ads

With some of the best and most expressive classified ad formats around, we invite you to consider placing your next classified ad with eTiqueMarket Classified Ads. They start free, and offer many enhancements to get your message out clearly. And remember that eTiqueMarket is only about eTiques - antiques, collectibles, art, jewelry, books, coins, stamps, and more. That means you are reaching customers who already have an interest in your goods and services, and you don't have jump up and down to get noticed amidst the clutter of used tennis shoes, mass produced new junk, or powerful sellers who can drown you out.


Test the Waters

If you have never sold online before, eTiqueMarket Classified Ads is the perfect way to test the waters, as they say. There is no financial risk when you use our Free ad package. And there is no time obligation - it is all under your control. You may find you like it and want to expand your online selling activities.

Testing the Waters

Simplify Your Collections

If you find that you have more than you need or can manage, but not enough to open a store, use eTiqueMarket Classified Ads to whittle down to the level you want. There will always be others who find your "junk" a treasure. Simply advertise your collection, and wait for the responses to roll in.

Earn Extra Money

If you are looking to transform your property into cash, eTiqueMarket Classified Ads provide rich ways of expressing the value to potential customers. This means better success in getting your message to the right buyer, and that means extra money in your pocket.

Explore eTiqueMarket

Once you have placed your classified ads, there is so much more on eTiqueMarket to explore. Visit our blogs, store, forums, and more. We are growing and we invite you to grow with us.


eTiqueMarket Classified Ad Features

Some features require additional fees.

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  • Add Pictures
  • Show You Tube Video
  • Your Picture on Listing Page
  • Your Logo on Listing Page
  • Put your website URL in your ad
  • Include your address for Google Maps
  • Distribute coupons for goods and services

Getting Started Is Easy

Getting started with eTiqueMarket Classified Ads is easy as 1-2-3. And with the FREE ad package, it's even easier.


Login or Register

We ask for very basic, limited information to open an account


Go to My Classifieds

Select new generic listing to begin the Ad Wizard which gives you an easy way to enter your merchandise.


Wait for Sales

While we can't guarantee sales, we give you an easy way advertise, along with other options you may find helpful to your success