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eTiqueMarket Appraisals is an economy service which allows registered users a low cost way of finding out how much value their eTiques may have. This information can be used to help decide to selling or insurance strategies and if further research is warranted.

Please understand that we are not certified appraisers and that our evaluations carry no legal standing. We base our valuations upon our many years in the antiques trade. But as we reported in one of our recent eTique Digest articles, even high dollar so-called experts are wrong - very wrong. So we give you another low risk option to understand your eTiques.

In many cases we will recommend that you obtain another appraisal. But many times people submit items to higher priced services whose values do not substantially exceed the value of the appraised item. That is where eTiqueMarket Appraisals offers value - by giving a litmus test for deciding if further action is justified.


How Does It Work?

Gather Information

Submit eTique

Wait for Appraisal

Gather as much information as you can about your eTique including
dimensions, condition, provenance, markings, and other information notable about your eTique.

Prepare clean clear photographs from all angles: front, back, sides, bottom, and top if appropriate.

Use the eTiqueMarket Appraisal submission form to send us the information you gathered in step 1.

Our service fee is currently $9.95 per item for standard delivery.

Normal delivery can take 7-10 days but very often is much faster. Times vary by workload and complexity of your eTique.

Our evaluation will include a brief identification of the item, our estimate of its value annotated as replacement or fair market value, and our recommendation for further research.

For those in a hurry, we offer expedited service for an addition $5.00 which provides a delivery time of 24-48 hours.


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