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eTiqueMarket Opens Auction Testing

Author: Tony Bonn/Friday, December 26, 2014/Categories: eTiqueMarket News

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eTiqueMarket has opened a test version of its new online marketplace in order to preview its planned launch in early 2015. The company hopes to elicit feedback from sellers and bidders before formally launching the auction service.

While it has long supported classified advertising and fixed price stores, the addition of auctions rounds out its selling services and brings fun into its eTique marketplace where the website focuses primarily on antiques, collectibles, fine arts and closely related merchandise and services.

During the testing period, the auction services will be provided without charge to any registered user, meaning that sellers will not be charged any fees for listing or selling eTiques.

While there are many similarities to other online auctions, eTiqueMarket pledges to keep merchandise within the aforementioned categories. Other salient characteristics of the new marketplace are the ability to publish photos and videos of merchandise, the ability for brick and mortar sellers to advertise their location with Google Maps, the opportunity to create rich user profiles and other content to promote business.

Ideal sellers are small to medium sized dealers which would include casual sellers to those who operate a regular antiques business.

While final terms and pricing have not been published, eTiqueMarket will not use complex pricing schemes favored by other auction places. Instead the company will use a flat commission fee applied regardless of the final selling price.

Sellers will also have more latitude over the terms of shipping and payment than found at heavily regimented sites. For example, sellers are free to chose the methods of payment they accept without penalty. Sellers will also not be charged commission for shipping fees, or told that they have to ship products for free.

One of the inspirations of eTiqueAuctions is to give merchants the freedom to set their own business policies without a onerous restrictions to doing business. On the other hand, sellers are expected to uphold the highest ethical standards while conducting honest business with honest goods.

Those with an interest in eTiqueAuctions are encouraged to explore the website and auctions. With free listings, risk is quite limited.


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