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Hummels Are Still Dead

By Administrator on 10/6/2016

Several years ago, a large publisher chronicled the rise and fall of Hummels, declaring them in so many words comatose. The news of Hummels’ death is not greatly exaggerated.

From Beatlemania to Collectomania

By eTiqueMarket on 5/25/2015
A review of price appreciation of The Beatles memorabilia since the publication of Collecting the Beatles in 1982
Beatles Memorabilia
Prices of Beatles Memorabilia

Staffordshire Collecting Tips

By eTiqueMarket on 5/10/2015
 An article providing tips for identifying, dating, and collecting Staffordshire figures
Antique Staffordshire Figures
Staffordshire Ceramics
Staffordshire Figures

The Story of Early American Porcelain

By eTiqueMarket on 1/25/2015
A brief review of American Porcelain 1770-1920 by Alice Cooney Frelinghuysen
History of Early American Porcelain

The Fountain Pen Is Dead; Long Live the Fountain Pen

By eTiqueMarket on 12/28/2014
A quick review of Pen World, a sound resource for those who take collecting pens seriously.
Collectible Pens
Pen Collecting
Pen World

Watch It, Sister

By eTiqueMarket on 11/27/2014

A critique of a Watch Journal article deploring watch fraud.

Fake Watches
Watch Journal

Don’t Dilly Dally Around Dali

By eTiqueMarket on 7/28/2014
Art fraud of 20th C. masters such as Chagall, Picasso, Miro, and Dali is rampant as the case of Sharon Day and Julian Howard attest.
Art Fraud
Fine Art Registry
Park West Galleries
Royal Caribbean Cruises
Sharon Day and Julian Howard

The One Minute Collector: Lalique Trademarks

By eTiqueMarket on 7/27/2014
Brief discussion of Lalique trademarks
Lalique Glass
Lalique Signatures
Lalique Trademarks

Antique Road Trip: A Roswell Trifecta

By eTiqueMarket on 7/26/2014

Our latest Antique Road Trip to Roswell, GA where we visited Roswell Antiques & Interiors, City Antiques, 425 Market Place

Collecting Coca Cola

By eTiqueMarket on 7/21/2014
Sage advice about collecting Coca Cola memorabilia, which also is relevant to other fields.
Allan Petretti
Coke Memorabilia
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